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Converts image to WebP, jpg, png, gif or bmp, resizable.
Format to convert the picture to:
Reduce final image: The picture will be scaled down proportionally

The converter allows you to convert images to the format you need online.

An image format is a way of encoding and compressing data. Simply put, just like a regular photograph, you can print it on regular, matte or glossy paper. Also, electronic images have their own format, quality and number of colors. PNG, JPEG, WebP, GIF, BMP are just different formats of the same image, each of them is needed for its own specific purposes.

Image formats

When printing an image on a printer, the process may take varying amounts of time, depending on the characteristics of the printer, the type of paper, and the quality of the printout. In the same way, an electronic image will be displayed on the screen at different speeds, depending on the size, weight and format of the image it has. Page loading speed is just as important as before, because along with Internet speed, image quality has also not lagged behind in development.

How to convert an image

  1. Upload an image from your computer by clicking the «browse» button
  2. Select the image format you need PNG, JPEG, WebP, GIF, BMP
  3. Set the image quality, approximately 70%-80% will not be noticeable to the eye but will save quite a large number of kilobytes
  4. Set the image size by changing the width or height
  5. Tick the boxes if necessary for «make the image black and white» or «invert image»
  6. Click the «convert» button
  7. Save the converted image to your computer

What is an image converter for?

Now the volume of information that contains images has become many times greater. Therefore, various optimized image formats have begun to be actively used, such as WebP, which do not lose image quality, but at the same time reduce the weight of the image in kilobytes many times and reduce the loading speed of pages on sites. There are also other formats that save space and do not significantly spoil the quality of images, for example, if you change the image format BMP to JPEG , then it will be practically impossible to distinguish these two images purely by eye, but the space they occupy on the hard drive will decrease significantly.

The benefits of different image formats

This is not the only advantage of the JPEG format, it is also very popular because most programs work with it easily, and it is convenient to upload it to a website or send it in instant messengers. PNG formats support high image clarity and alpha channels (transparency), so it is often used for high-quality images of large volume, but if the task does not require this, it is better to convert to a lighter format. GIF support animation, that is, it contains several images and a time interval through which they replace each other, therefore it is mainly used only for these tasks, but if the image is motionless, then It would also be better to convert it to a lighter format to save space and download speed.

Select an image format and convert it using our online converter, depending on the tasks at hand, so you can save important kilobytes of memory. Another advantage of our service is that you do not need to download and install complex cumbersome programs for converting images such as Photoshop, for example, you can convert with us online and for free, in just a few seconds.