Quoted-Printable decode

Decodes a Quoted-Printable string into an 8-bit string.

Surely you at least once, but received an email in the body of which, instead of the expected text, there was a set of characters like this «=D0=94=D0=BE=D0=B1=D1=80=D1=8B=D0=B9 =D0=B4=D0=B5=D0=BD=D1=8C!». And you were wondering what was written there, and suddenly this is a very important letter. For these purposes, the Quoted-Printable online decoder is written.

Quoted-Printable is a printable ASCII text encoding system used to encode / decode data in e-mail messages. This method encodes all characters, except for the Latin alphabet, numbers and a couple of more characters.

Therefore, you can use the Quoted-Printable decoder to decode broken emails and get readable text.