Eyedropper tool online

Get the color (color code) of a pixel from a picture online.

The functionality is designed to work with the mouse only.

Save to buffer:
Code in buffer:

Tool «Eyedropper Online» gets the color of a pixel from a bitmap.

For this you need:

  1. upload your image.
  2. select the type of code (HEX or RGB).
  3. click on the desired pixel of the picture.

As a result, the color code in the selected format will be saved to the buffer.

When you hover the mouse cursor over any pixel, an enlarged piece of the image of this area will be displayed, as well as the HEX code and RGB code of the pixel that the mouse cursor is hovering over.

For convenience, you can also increase the scale of the original image, so that it would be easier to place the mouse cursor on the desired pixel of the image.