Checking DNS records for a domain

Gets information about DNS resource records for a domain name.
Result display option:

DNS – is a domain name system for retrieving information about domains. Most often used to obtain an IP address from a domain name.

The main (commonly used) post types are:
  • A – This is an address record used to match between the domain name and the IP address (IPv4) of the server
  • AAAA – Address record, used to match between the domain name and the IP address (IPv6) of the server
  • CNAME – Canonical name for the alias
  • MX – Address of the mail gateway for the domain. Consists of two parts, priority (the higher the number, the lower the priority), and the node address. With its help, the mail agent, when sending emails to a specific domain, understands which server to send.
  • NS – Address of the node responsible for the domain zone. Critical to the functioning of the domain name system itself.
  • TXT – Write arbitrary data. Very often used for SPF, it allows the domain owner to specify a list of servers that are allowed to send email messages with return addresses in this domain. Also for DKIM, an E-mail authentication method designed to detect spoofing of messages sent by email. The method allows the recipient to verify that the letter was actually sent from the declared domain. DKIM simplifies the fight against fake sender addresses, which are often used in phishing emails and email spam.

If you want to check some specific TXT records for a domain, for example TXT record for DKIM, then the Host field value for this TXT record should be added before the domain through a dot. For example, if mail._domainkey is written there, then to get this record for the domain it will look like