Create oval image

Creates an oval image from a regular rectangular image (an ellipse photo). It is also possible to add a frame of arbitrary width.
Frame (border):
Reduce final image: The picture will be scaled down proportionally

Free WEB-Tool for obtaining oval images online.

The oval image will be the same size, it will be in the form of an ellipse inscribed in the size of the picture.

If you need to get a round image, then use the tool "Create a round picture"

If you need to round the corners of a picture, then use the tool "Round off the corners of the photo"

How to make a picture oval

  1. Upload your raster image (JPEG, PNG).
  2. Choose an option with or without a frame.
  3. If with a frame, then set its width and color. The color is specified in the HEX-RGB format. For example, green color will be 00FF00.
  4. If you need to reduce the size of the final oval image, then set the width or height, the second side will change proportionally.
  5. If you need to get a black and white image or a negative, then check the appropriate boxes.
  6. Click the «Make image oval» button.

Anti-aliasing is also used at the edges of the oval so that the picture visually looks perfectly oval. An oval image will look perfect against any background placed underneath it.

Rectangular image
Original rectangular image
Create an oval image
Final oval image
Rectangular image 2
Original rectangular image 2
Create an oval image
Final oval image 2