Cut out part of the image

Cut out a part of the image and save it to the clipboard, or download it as a file.

The functionality is designed to work with the mouse only.

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Y: px
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Height: px

WEB-tool «Online scissors» allows you to cut out part of the picture from the bitmap.

To cut out part of the image you need:

  1. upload your image.
  2. highlight the desired area.

As a result, part of the image will be saved to the clipboard (not in all browsers). If you didn't manage to remember to the clipboard, then you can simply download the selected fragment as a file.

For ease of selection of the desired fragment, when you hover the mouse cursor over the picture, an enlarged piece of the image of this area is displayed.

For convenience, you can also increase the scale of the original image to make it easier to select the desired fragment.