Count the number of characters in the text

Counts the number of characters in the text online. You can set options to exclude unnecessary characters from counting.

Service for counting the number of characters in text online, with it you can count a large number of letters and numbers for free and easily. You can choose exactly how to count characters, whether to take into account HTML tags, hyphens, spaces and tabs. Or you only need to count letters and numbers. Our free service will do all this for you in a matter of seconds, you don’t need to download or install anything on your computer, the service will count the number of characters online.

Why counting characters in text can be useful

Calculating the exact number of characters in the text is often necessary in order to evaluate the work of a copywriter and calculate the cost, both for the customer and the copywriter himself. Using our online service, this can be done very quickly and accurately. Students and teachers may also find this service useful to track the volume of coursework and dissertations. WEB masters and SEO specialists often use a word counting service because the number of characters on the page and in meta descriptions is important to them. Also, various ad services have restrictions on the number of characters, so it is important in advance how many characters are already in the text. And of course, the advantage of our free service is not only counting the number of characters in the text, but also counting with designated parameters, such as ignoring HTML tags, hyphens, and any other characters other than letters and numbers.

How to count characters using our service

  1. Enter or paste the required text characters into the «text» block
  2. Tick the option to ignore HTML tags, this is necessary so that text formatting tags, such as others, are not taken into account when calculating
  3. If necessary, check the box under the options «ignore hyphens, tabs and spaces»
  4. If you need to calculate only letters and numbers, check the «ignore all characters except letters and numbers»
  5. Click the «calculate» button
  6. Pay attention to the «result» block that appears. The number of counted characters in the text will be indicated below it.