Resize photo

Resize the image in pixels, without quality loss, in proportion to the selected side online.
Reduce final image: The picture will be scaled down proportionally

WEB-tool for resizing images online.

The size of the photo changes proportionally to the selected side.
For example, the size of the original image is 200x100px, you selected «Set width», set it to 100px, the size of the changed image will be 100x50px. If you selected «Set height» and set it to 75px, then the size of the resized image will be 150x75px.

How to resize an image

  1. Upload your raster image (JPEG, PNG).
  2. Set the image size by changing the width or height, the second side will change proportionally.
  3. If you need to get a black and white image or a negative, then select the necessary checkboxes.
  4. Click the "Resize" button.