HTML character generator for insertion into a page

Generates HTML character codes.

If you want to display a specific HTML character on the page, but don't remember its code. Or you want to display some symbols, but you don’t know which ones yet, but you want to see their full list first in order to understand what exactly you need. Then the HTML character generator (mnemonic characters) can help you.

The most interesting and frequently used HTML characters are in the range of decimal codes from 0 to 10,000. You just need to drive 0 into the first field, and 1000 into the second, and the generator will output HTML characters with decimal codes from 0 to 999. If you are not find the right one, then enter 1000 into the first field and 1000 into the second, the generator will display HTML characters with decimal codes from 1000 to 1999. And so on.

We do not recommend to drive a huge number into the second field to avoid the browser freezing. The most optimal value is 1000.

Decimal character code to start generation from: For example 0 if you want to generate from the very beginning

Set the number of characters to generate: We do not recommend setting a huge number, because your browser may freeze.

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