Change keyboard layout

Translate text to another keyboard layout (change input language) from English to Russian and from Russian to English online
When entering text in uppercase, the:

If you typed text in spite of the monitor (this happens quite often), but it turned out that the wrong keyboard layout was selected (the correct input language was not selected), then what to do? You can of course delete all the text, change the keyboard layout and retype it. And if you have already typed a lot of text? Or you have been sent a letter/message typed in the wrong layout, how can I read it? In this case, the service for changing the keyboard layout will come in handy.

To do this, just paste the text, the service will automatically change all characters in such a way as if a different layout was used when typing.

There are also some nuances. If, for example, when entering a test for upper case, use the «Shift» key, then it will be slightly different from the text in which the «Caps Lock» was used. (considering that the same keys were used to enter text). Therefore, the choice of this option is provided. If, when translating text into a different keyboard layout, the result was not quite the expected result, then try changing the option for entering text in uppercase.