RGB to HEX color converter

Converts a color from RGB to HEX.
Result in HEX format:
Result palette:

Online color converter from decimal to hexadecimal.

In fact, both the first option and the second, they are both RGB (an abbreviation of the English words Red, Green, Blue - Red, Green, Blue), the first is presented in decimal, and the second in hexadecimal. It just happened that no one searches for the phrase «Convert color from decimal to hexadecimal», it’s lazy to write. Most users search for the phrase "RGB to HEX".

The RGB format in this online color converter means the decimal representation of the color value in CSS, for example rgb(255, 0 , 0) or rgba(0, 255, 0, 0.5). HEX format implies representation of the color value in hexadecimal notation, for example #FF0000 or #00FF007F (by the way, the option where the alpha channel is set, 7 and 8 characters after the hash mark, in hexadecimal notation, does not work in all browsers ).