Preparation of text for publication on the site. Converts Word document and Excel spreadsheet to HTML.
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«Typographer» specially designed tool for publishers (content managers) of sites. It helps prepare text for web publishing.

«Typography» is the art of designing printed text through typesetting and layout. Typography, on the one hand, is one of the branches of graphic design, on the other, a set of strict rules governing the use of fonts in order to create the most understandable text for the reader. The job of typography is to define the parameters for subsequent typing, typesetting and prepress processes.

First, you need to create rich text in Microsoft Office, or Open Office, or Google Docs, or some other similar editor. This can be a Word text document or a Excel spreadsheet.

These documents are already somehow stylized, text size, color, numbered / bulleted lists, tables, and more. You just need to select the desired piece of text from the document, copy it to the clipboard and paste into «Typographer» in the field titled «Paste Text From Word». As a result, the selected piece of text is converted to HTML code.

After pasting text, a list of font sizes that were used in the document will be displayed. You can specify which heading (H1-H6) to use for a given size when building HTML. The font sizes that were determined when rendering the text are likely to be different from those used when formatting the text. This is due to the fact that text editors like «Word« use points (pt) to size the text, and browsers use pixels (px). 1pt is not equal to 1px, it is slightly larger, so the font sizes when parsing the document will also be slightly larger.

By default, clean HTML is generated (without adding styles via the «style» attribute). If you want to transfer to HTML colors of text and background decoration, text alignment, etc. then select the ones you need from the list of found ones.

The code is clean and beautiful enough that you may not even need to edit before publishing it on the site.

For your convenience, «Typographer» there is a functionality for loading a CSS file from your site, which contains styles for standard tags that are used to publish text pages. After loading the CSS, you will see how the published HTML code will look like on your website page.

But you must understand that the CSS must be styled correctly. This means that it must be styled all standard tags, which are involved in the construction of text content on the page, without binding to classes. Those. as a selector for a tag, only the tag name must be specified. This fact is neglected by many novice layout designers.