Create a round picture

Creates a round image from a regular square image. It is also possible to add a border of arbitrary width.
Frame (border):
Reduce final image:

WEB-Tool for creating circular images online.

To get a round image, it is not necessary to have a square image as a source, it can be rectangular.

If you need to get an oval image, then use the tool «Create oval image»

If you need to round off the corners of the picture, then use the «Round off the corners of the photo» tool

How to make a picture round

  1. Upload your bitmap (JPEG, PNG).
  2. Choose an option with a border or not.
  3. If with a border, then set its width and color. The color is specified in HEX-RGB format. For example, red would be FF0000.
  4. If you need to reduce the size of the resulting circular image, then set the width (you cannot set the width greater than the minimum side of the original image).
  5. If you need to get a black and white image or a negative, then check the corresponding checkboxes.
  6. Click the button «Create Round Image».

How a circular image is created

  1. The size of the smallest side of the image is found first.
  2. The original image is cropped on both sides so that its largest side becomes the same as the smallest (we get a square), for example, if the image was 800x600px, then a square image will be 600x600px. Those. we flip 100px left and 100px right.
  3. Next, we get a round image due to the fact that everything outside the circle becomes transparent.

Anti-aliasing is also used at the edges of the circle, so that the picture visually looks perfectly round. A circular image will look perfect on any background placed under it.

Rectangular image
Original rectangular image
Square image
Intermediate square image
Round image
Final Round Image