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Transliterates text from Cyrillic to Latin.
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Online transliteration service - a free service for translating Russian letters into Latin. Also in our service you can specify all the necessary settings for transliteration. Such as upper and lower case, replacing other characters with dashes, dashes or spaces. As well as removing duplicate wildcards around the edges. The main difference between our service is that the translation remains human-readable and easy to read, and you do not need to download and install separate programs for this.

Why is transliteration needed

Translit is most often needed to translate first and last names for foreign passports, driver's licenses, or other documents. Transliteration is also useful for translating website links into CNC (human-readable page addresses) in Latin, so that it is easy for a person to remember the page address and understand what section of the site he is currently on, this increases user convenience and gives a good ranking of the site in searches, WEB masters often use this. Also, most programs for creating tables and entering data into the database work with the Latin alphabet; such programs may simply not accept the Cyrillic alphabet or display it not entirely correctly. Do not confuse translation and transliteration - the transliterator only changes Cyrillic letters to Latin ones, without changing the meaning and pronunciation of the word; in other words, it does not translate them into another language.

How to transliterate letters using our service

  1. Insert the required text into the «text» field
  2. Select the functions you need, such as converting to upper and lower case, replacing other characters with dashes and underscore
  3. Set the necessary checkboxes to remove duplicate replacement characters
  4. Click «transliterate»
  5. Copy the text from the «result» block